DAO Holistic Wellness

My new business, DAO Holistic Wellness is now live. DAO Holistic Wellness is a holistic therapy company where my knowledge of alternative medicine is being applied for the benefit of the Dao. We hope to offer Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes as we expand and develop. Reiki distance sessions are now available. Free videos […]

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External and Internal Principles

In the martial art Tai Chi Chuan, external, and internal principles must be followed to correctly do Tai chi. External principles are anything having to do with physical posturing, such as the precise footing and hand positions, that reduce tension and make it easier to hold the body without effort. An example of one of […]

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Wu ji and Tai ji

Tai Ji is often used shorthand to refer to the martial art Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan). In actuality, it is a philosophical concept found throughout Chinese culture that refers to the grand polarity of the universe, Yin and Yang. Ji translates to ridgepole, polarity, utmost, or extreme, Tai means ultimate, supreme, greatest. The […]

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The Tai Chi Chuan Classics

The Tai Chi Chuan classics is a collection of texts on proper Tai Chi, by notable authors of the field such as Zhang Sanfeng, the legendary founder, and his semi-legendary successor Wang Zongyue. In this blog the texts will be dissected and analyzed for key points so that all may gain a better understanding of […]

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Tien Tai Chi

Welcome to Tien Tai Chi! This blog is meant to serve as an outpost for knowledge on the ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi Chuan, and its related practices of Qi Gong and Self-cultivation. Stay tuned for video updates, text analysis, theories, and more as we dive into the rich tradition of Tai Chi. […]

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What is Tai Chi?

What is Tai Chi? Tai Chi (pinyin romanization Tai Ji)  is an internal martial arts form from China with disputed origins. Internal refers to the principles of the art which distinguish it from power and speed based external martial arts. In the internal martial arts, inner fluidity and effortless response is cultivated over aggressive use […]

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